Guiding Principles

Bhutan Observer Pvt. Ltd. (BOPL) is committed to upholding and strengthening the values and principles that bind this small, but great kingdom of Bhutan, and we aim to do this by following ethical business practices and engaging with the citizens.

Upholding social values:

While business growth will determine the success of BOPL, profitability is not the core mission, but instead we will grade success on how we uphold the foundation of Bhutanese social values.

While we are aware that it would be a daunting task to support such values when businesses are sustained by commercial gains, Bhutan Observer will endeavour to place social responsibility at the core of our business and we will not compromise our values for profit.

In this respect, “tha dhamtshig” will be used as the defining characteristic of BOPL’s working culture. In addition, strong social connections will be encouraged as a means to develop human relationships, meaningful interactions, cooperation, and mutual support.

In his coronation address on 7 November 2008, His Majesty King Jigme Khesar Namhyal Wangchuck recognized that core values form a common thread that bind and guide the nation, and His deepest concern was that as the world changes Bhutan may lose its fundamental and defining values. These are the words of His Majesty’s inspirational address:

“As even more dramatic changes transform the world and our nation, as long as we continue to pursue the simple and timeless goal of being good human beings, and as long as we strive to build a nation that stands for everything that is good, we can ensure that our future generations for hundreds of years will live in happiness and peace”.

BOPL will endeavour to infuse His Majesty’s vision into the structure of our corporate strategy.

Inclusive plans

For the healthy growth of the company, BOPL will make a positive contribution to the lives of its clients, employees, and investors. First and foremost, it’s critical that we take care of our employees’ welfare, which, in turn, will lead to enhanced performance of the working team. In any case, commercial interests should never supersede the creation of a positive working environment for the staff.

As a company with diversified business units, BOPL will explore various opportunities, and will develop a niche market for its business operations — a niche that can be expanded according to the availability of resources, both human and financial.

Everyone will work as a team, and not as individuals. In this respect, planning and development of BOPL activities should not take place in isolation. Furthermore, transparency and accountability of the business undertakings will be placed at the core of all operations. BOPL businesses should be considered as part of the sustainable development of communities, alongside other activities.

Adopting best practices

BOPL will incorporate proven national and international working cultures and practices into our corporate strategy, and we will aim to promote a practice that is modern, effective, and consistent.

We will endeavour to introduce the best business practices in every area of our operations, from accounting to human resources to marketing to research and development. No matter the size of a business, growth is only made possible by assessing the context of the best practice, conducting research in varied businesses, and thoughtfully following the relevant practices. While adopting the best practices, BOPL will also endeavour to learn from its experiences.

While developing businesses, we will be sensitive to the environment, and our operations will be considered in the context of both local and national environment protection rules, especially with respect to pollution (such as greenhouse gas emissions) and the use of nonrenewable resources.

Sustainability is not just about supply. Equal consideration should be given to influencing the pattern and impact of consumption. In this respect, it will be our responsibility to ensure that a quality product not only addresses consumer satisfaction, but also sustainability issues. In this respect, we will aim to convince consumers that a company that cares for the environment and its workforce has integrity and so is a trusted business partner.

Work recognition

BOPL will foster a culture of accountability, transparency and recognition.

BOPL will support innovative initiatives from members of the working team that can drive forward the Bhutanese economy, fuel exploration into new areas of business, and create new products, services, and tools that can enhance healthy business and contribute to company turnover. Awards will be offered as a means to encourage innovation.

Dedicated service to the company, maintaining company confidentiality, making the best use of company time, and multi-tasking will also be recognized. By acknowledging top performers, BOPL will establish a working environment that can act as a role model for other companies in the kingdom.

Corporate colour: orange and white

Corporate logo: The Eye

The corporate logo was inspired by the eyes of the Buddha, which see everything with impartiality, benevolence, wisdom and honesty. We chose only one eye as this reflects a sharper focus. We have seen that there is a tradition of using eye symbolism to generally represent a benevolent force watching over, helping, and protecting humanity and to represent a spiritual aspect.

The Eye to BOPL means

Seeing the future with wisdom and integrity:

The all-seeing eye is a symbol of divine providence, powerfully representing spiritual truth and awakening. We will conduct our business activities with wisdom and integrity. If we are wise, we can see beyond material wealth, and if seen as a company that places integrity at the core of its operations, it will gain the trust of the workers and potential clients.

The eye also works as a therapeutic tool that allows companies to sustain a healthy and content workforce. Seeing the world through Buddha’s eyes will have a far-reaching effect in achieving our set goals and objectives.

Ethical conduct of business:

There are many ways to operate ethically and effectively in the business setting, and we should be open to new ideas. Not only does work ethically encourage a more harmonious and open communication process in the workplace, but it is also an important factor in customer service. Companies which show themselves to be ethical, transparent, and that support the community also create a strong brand imagine, which in turn develops a loyal customer base.

Recognizing the right thought and being impartial:

Training the workforce with a wide vision will result in greater creativity. In particular, teamwork and co-operation among colleagues will help individuals avoid attaching to their own ideas or fixed ways, but instead to share their knowledge initiatives with others. This kind of environment will lead to an increased scope for the workers to be flexible and resilient in the face of change.

Also, recognizing the hard work put in by the company team will result in a better working environment and enhance staff motivation that will lead to increased productivity.


We are committed to upholding and strengthening the values and principles that bind this small, but great kingdom, Bhutan.

We are committed to engaging the Bhutanese citizens in a Bhutanese way. Furthermore, we measure our success by what is essentially Bhutanese.


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